Welcome to EvroDom company website.


EvroDom company, located in St. Petersburg, has its own production facilities with the fully automated CNC wood processing centre Hundegger K2 among other woodworking equipment and own drying complex.


We have developed and patented KC System, a system of nodal joints for laminated beams, which allows to build strong timber frame structures using spanner, bolts, threaded rods, nuts and different metal connecting elements. 


KC System features the plastic anchor, which is glued into an end of the wooden beam. Bolts and threaded rods are screwed into plastic anchors allowing to connect different elements of wood, wood and metal, wood and concrete.


KC System can withstand seismic loads and can be used in houses that are constructed in seismic zones. The system has been tested and certified in Russia.


KC System can be used in frame house construction, construction of demountable structures, modular structures, complex architectural structures such as roof lights and pavilions in the shape of a hemisphere, in construction of winter gardens and glass facades.


Connections strongly fix supporting beams, allowing to install the glazing directly into the beams without window frames, just like provided in Fachwerk technology. The structure can not only be easily built, but if necessary, disassembled and moved to another place.