KC System - a patented technology of nodal joints for laminated timber beams, which is based on the plastic anchor, glued into the beam. The anchor has an internal thread for screwing a bolt or threaded rod of diameter M20 or M24.


Plastic anchor glued into wooden beam, has a number of advantages compared with metallic anchors available on the market, namely:

Easily and securely fixed in wood

Neutral to corrosion

Excellent damper between fixing element and wood. It prevents the fixing element power loads from acting directly on the wood, which is known to be weaker and looser material compared with plastic.

More economically favorable

Wooden beam with a glued-in plastic anchor is processed using the same tools and machinery as the beam without an anchor.

Pullout bearing capacity values of plastic anchor glued into wooden beam.

(On the basis of certification tests record number C-10-15,

Testing Center "VNIIGS", St. Petersburg, Russia)


     Anchor length, mm          Bearing capacity, kN


        98                                          38


       148                                         49